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Bao Long is capable to supply a big variety of ECB items, covering the series for special purposeThe experience and ability in respect of supply chain management enables us to meet customer's complex demands confidently. 

Meanwhile, working under ERP system has helped 

us accumulate a huge number of resource, and lets reasonable inventory planning be possible. The database also helps us locate each single item more accurately and distribute it promptly.

We have three self owned warehouses in Hong Kong and Shen Zhen separately, with more than 50 brands and 100,000 inventory items regularlyprocessed, including some unpopular or 

stopped parts, all of which permits many urgent or rarely used parts be found here in Bao Long.

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Hong Kong Bao Long Electronics Co., Ltd., founded
in 2018, specializes in electronic components distribution business. Bao Long has a wide and
unobstructed channel for supply source, the company's business covers a lot of product categories such as:
Active Components, Passive Components, Integrated
Circuit ICs, Diodes, Relays, Capacitors, Fuses,
Connectors, Resistors, various unpopular and also
stopped IC products.


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